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Saturday, September 29, 2012

If you love Star Focal, you'll love the Starbox!

Last month I introduced you to a company called Starlooks and their wonderful subscription box called the Starbox. Each Starbox comes with 3-4 products from Starlooks that together has a value of at least $35 or more. This month (September) was an extra special treat as it contained 6 products, and even a separate bonus item! I was so happy to receive my box, and I could not wait to try the products inside!

This months box included an eye shadow palette with 5 different colors, shadow primer and some really cute gems that you can use around your eyes. Also just like every other Starbox it contained some crystals to help attract positive energy, and maintain focus!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Care For Our World Activity Set Review

I don't know how well story time goes at your house, but at mine it is very hard to get my kids to sit still through a whole book without being promised something first. Which is why I love this next product.
The Care For Our World Activity Set not only includes a book to read to your children, but also includes punch out animals like the ones in the story, as well as an area to play with them on. It's very easy to keep your child's attention while reading to them because they can act out the story as you are reading it to them. I love how thick the pieces are, and out easily everything fits together.

My kids love to play with this set whether or not I am reading them the story. So not only so you get a good book to read for them, but you kids also get a great toy that they can play with. It comes with dozens of punch out animals, so your child will have a blast letting you know which is their favorite, and also learning about all of the different animals.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Mavea Water Pitcher Review and Giveaway **Closed**

I hate drinking water from the faucet. Not only is it not clean, but its never cold enough. Sure you can buy a filter that connects to your faucet but the water will still not be cold enough, and then you have an awkward filter to deal with. I received the Mavea Elemaris XL pitcher in purple to review.

I was very surprised at how easy it was to put this pitcher together. Within minutes I was able to drink crystal clear water. Before this pitcher I never really wanted to look at what the water that comes out of my faucet looks like, but since I had the pitcher I wanted to compare the two. I could not believe how gross the water that I've been drinking is! I could see so much that I really wish I hadn't seen. My house is very old, so I have always been worried about what the old pipes might be doing to my water. I was so happy to get this pitcher, and I am so happy with the results. I can finally drink my water and not be worried about what else I am drinking with it.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Orange Guard Review

Recently my house has been attacked by ants. We have tried just about everything safe to use around my babies and my dog. We even tried using cinnamon which we have been told would at least help, but instead made things worse! Nothing was working, and I was about to give up and use something I was not comfortable with.

Enough was enough! It was time to get rid of all the ants! I received Orange Guard to review, and I could not be more excited! Orange Guard is safe enough to use around food, pets, and even kids. Of course you still wouldn't want to eat it, but you don't have to worry about spraying it while they are in the room, or cleaning out everything in your kitchen before spraying it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Safe Glow LED Dog Collar Review

I hate walking my dog at night. I used to go to all sorts of lengths to make sure that I didn't have to take her out when it is dark. The street in front of our house is very busy and is at the end of a blind corner, so I am always afraid of our dog getting hit by the people speeding by. I received a Safe Glow LED Dog Collar to review for you guys.

Like I said earlier, I am constantly worried about my dog crossing our road. I feel so much better knowing that my dog can be seen when wearing this collar. Not only is it cute, but it serves a purpose too. This collar has a button on it that activates LED lights that have multiple pattern functions. You can have the collar blink, or you can have it stay lit. Since having this collar I have not had to change the batteries despite accidentally leaving it on overnight multiple times.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Starlooks Box Review

We all want the latest makeup products, but how do we know if they will work for us? Of course you can look for makeup review on this site, or any other review site. Which is wonderful, and I'm glad you're here for this review. Although there are many other options for you to test out the latest and greatest makeup products. So what is this other option? There are companies out there, that for a monthly fee, will send you samples of these awesome products. One of these wonderful companies is Starlooks.

I was able to receive Starlooks August Starbox which features some really awesome products that were hand picked by Lauren Bradley. The box I received was their first special edition box, and I definitely have to agree that it was special! My box came with some very pretty pink lip gloss and some really gorgeous eyeliner. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

MindWare Toys Review

It's not often that we, as parents, can find a toy that not only is entertaining to our kids but also educational at the same time. That's where MindWare toys comes in. Not only do they have great toys that are both parent and kid approved, but their toys also help educate, and stimulate your child's mind.

We received MindWare's Pattern Play Which is a board with 40 different blocks, and each color is a different size. The goal of the game is to make different patterns using the blocks. If also comes with a bag to place everything in, and even comes with little cards that have different designs that your child can try to duplicate.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bare Body Soaps Organics Review

There are way too many soaps out there that smell good, are good for the environment, and are healthy for our skin. I personally believe that the best soaps out there are handmade. Not only do they smell way better, but are just higher quality then most soaps you buy in the store. I was able to get some soap from Bare Body Soaps Organics to review for you.

I absolutely love this soap. It smells wonderful! I received Organic Rose Geranium Soap, and Organic Lavender Soap. Both have bits of the flowers in them, which I think is a great touch.

Lavender 148x148 Products Page

My favorite scent for any smelly products is Lavender. Lavender is meant to help calm, and heal. This particular soap has real lavender buds in it to help exfoliate your skin. With two kids running around I can use all the calming I can get. This soap made my skin soft, and did in fact help me relax.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vapor4Life E-cigarette Review

One thing that I have been seeing a lot of lately, and have been wanting to review for quite some time has been the notorious e-cigarette. The e-cigarette is a small vaporizer, that has all the qualities of a regular cigarette without all of the defects such as tar, smell, and of course without the smoke. So why have we not already done the switch? Some e-cigarettes leave a funny after taste, or just plain taste funny, and the majority of them are too expensive. So I went on a search to find you the best e-cigarettes with the best prices, and I think I found them. 

We were able to get my husband a Classic VP Automatic e-cigarette from Vapor4Life to review for you guys. We got a black e-cigarette with a tip that glows green. Yes, green! My husbands favorite cigarette brand happens to be Kamel Reds. They are very expensive, and very hard to find and he was very excited to try the e-cigarette version. The kit my husband received would cost $29.95 and includes one battery, one charger, a pack of cartomizers, and a really awesome carrying case. Which compared to many e-cigarettes I have seen is a really great deal!

Left: E-cigarette when not in use Right: In use
Still confused about e-cigarettes, and what they are all about? An e-cigarette is a small vaporizer in the shape of a cigarette. The longer piece is the battery, and the shorter pieces are the cartomizers. The cartomizers are what hold the e-liquid that when plugged into the battery is heated up and produces the vapor. So why should you make the switch to e-cigarettes?
  • E-cigarettes are so much cheaper then smoking regular cigarettes! Sure, at first you have to buy a kit, but after that the price of the cartomizers more then makes up for it.
  • E-cigarettes do not leave behind that nasty smoke smell. So you don't have to spray on cologne, or perfume just to hide the smell.
  • With e-cigarettes you don't have to feel guilty about smoking (or vaping) near others. e-cigarettes don't emit smoke, or any other harsh chemicals in the air. So you can smoke in you house, the bar, or even work without offending anyone or feeling guilty.
Do we think its worth it? Do we think E-cigarettes are comparable to the real thing? Like I said before, we have been looking for a good e-cigarette for a while now. We have tried many that other friends and family have, but never found one that really wowed us. Sure they were okay, but they were not great. Most other e-cigarette companies have limited flavors, or options. So if you want your Kamel Reds, or you want your Virginia Slims, you would just have to settle for the one flavor they have. With Vapor4Life there is not settling. You can not only have your Kamel Reds, or your Virginia Slims but you can choose the color, style and anything else you want. I have not seen this many options from any other company. 

Vapor4Life offers more then 150 different flavors! They have many different cigarette flavors, as well as coffee flavors, drink flavors, and even your favorite deserts! So you can trust that you will never get bored with your e-cigarette. Are these flavors any good? The Kamel flavor my husband received is by far the best e-cigarette tobacco flavor we have ever tried! There was not a gross after taste, and it tasted just like a regular cigarette. It still gave him the burn, and the nicotine that he wanted, while not destroying his throat, and without smelling like cigarettes the rest of the day. The vapor itself is also thicker then other brands, so you really feel like your smoking a cigarette. The e-cigarette is also lighter then others, so it doesn't feel as awkward as others do.

Looking to quite cigarettes? With Vapor4Life you can decide the nicotine level in you e-cigarette. How would this help you quit? You can start off at a higher level strength cartomizer that compares to your normal smoking habits. For me this level was 11mg, and for my husband 18mg. After you get used to your e-cigarette you can then get a lower level until eventually you are at 0mg which is something you definitely can not do with regular cigarettes.

When I first started looking up e-cigarettes I was so confused about the different options. Such as: What is the difference between manual and automatic? What is a Cartomizer? What would be a good mg to start off with? Luckily for us the Vapor4Life customer service is absolutely amazing, and was able to help us figure that kind of thing out. I spent hours trying to figure out the difference between an automatic and a manual. The difference is very simple, a manual has a button that activates the battery while the automatic does not. The regular cartomizers are pre-filled and ready to go, while the blanks need to be filled with e-liquid before use.

Whether your looking to quit, or you are looking for an alternative to smoking this is a great product! They have something for everyone, which is really awesome! You can find this e-cigarette and many others on the website here.
   **Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Whirl-a-Style Review and Giveaway

Are you sick of not being able to create a perfect hair bun, or not having enough time to create one? For me, I have not being able to create a pretty hair bun for a formal outing. I love being able to dress up, but I hate how long it takes to get my hair to match my outfit, look nice, and that hopefully will stay up for the whole night. Nothing is worse then spending hours on your hair and having it fall apart before you even get out the door.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Roaring Springs Paper Products Review and Giveaway **Closed**

Of course we know that recycled paper is healthy for the environment, but what if we could do better then that? What if I told you that there was a paper product that is not made from trees, but is also not recycled?

Roaring Springs have been in business for over 125 years, so you know that their products must be pretty good. The notebooks on the top are from Roaring Spring Paper Products, and are made from Sugar Cane Fibers instead of trees. I was worried that these notebooks would not be high quality, or would look weird, but instead they look like regular paper and are of better quality than your average recycled paper notebook. Ink glides perfectly onto the paper, and it also seems to hold ink better. 

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